Bicycle Leadership Conference - Listen. Learn. Lead. - April 8-10, 2014 - Monterey, California



Ebikes:From Europe to America

Rob Cappucci, SRAM
Claus Fleischer, Bosch
Zach Krapfl, GSD Global

There’s incredible momentum globally surrounding eBikes. Will 2014 be THE year when the eBike movement and energy will be evidenced in the US?  What are the requirements that will drive increased eBike demand and more importantly—sales--in the US.

We have an exceptional group of panelists representing leading companies who are investing heavily in eBikes. These experts will present their views and perspectives on the key factors that will contribute to the ultimate success of eBikes, including:  Target demographic, Pricing, Marketing, Infrastructure, Regulation and much more. Join the discussion, challenge the assumptions and be one of the first to hear the strategies on making eBikes a resounding success in the US. 


Welcome to the 2014 Bicycle Leadership Conference

On behalf of the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, I’m pleased to welcome you back to Monterey for another great Bicycle Leadership Conference.

The BLC has continued to improve and grow in the past few years. We think this year’s speakers and panels will inspire and challenge you.And the networking opportunities are among the best in the industry, including two bike rides, the traditional Aquarium dinner, and an optional beach party late Thursday. Come prepared to share ideas and take some home as well.

Thanks again to our Sea Otter Classic partners for continuing to provide a great venue and high level of organization and service.

Have a great event, and we’re looking forward to your survey feedback to make the BLC even better next year!


Roger Gierhart
President, BPSA


Statistics: What Are We Seeing in the Numbers?

Michael Forte, Felt Bicycles
James Kelley, Leisure Trends - An NPD Group Company
Liz Stahura, Leisure Trends- An NPD Group Company

It's no secret that 2013 was a challenging year for the cycling industry and that more uncertainty lies ahead. The current and future challenges facing our business highlight the need for fact-based decision making and clear business intelligence metrics.  This session panelists, Michael Forte, Jim Kelley and Liz Stahura, will use a combination of sell-in data, sell-through data and consumer insights. Leisure Trends and BPSA will review 2013, but more importantly will take a look at where we are going in the coming year, enabling us to identify threats and maximize opportunities. While no one has crystal ball, the partnership with BPSA, Leisure Trends...and the recent acquisition by NPD...continue to give us more insightful and usable analysis to help us better control our future.


Youth: The Face of Cycling’s Future


With the declining participation of kids in cycling today, the bike industry needs to look at how we can capture the interest of America's youth for bicycles once again.  This session, led by Elysa Walk, General Manager at Giant Bicycles USA, will provide insight from experts who connect with youth and can share powerful lessons to the industry management.    

The session focus is considering “youth” as pre-teen and teen.  Issues relating to first bikes and young children are not being addressed to allow this session to dive deeper into the phase of life when children are beginning to make decisions for themselves and developing brand preferences.

  • Where has the youth gone?
  • Changing trends in today’s youth culture
  • Success stories of getting more kids on bikes; include takeaways for suppliers to implement.
  • Understanding that cutting edge initiatives create the cool-factor that youth needs
  • Using social media to reach youth/cutting through the clutter
  • Keys to reaching the young while not alienating mom and dad

This dynamic panel presentation will equip you with the tools you need to understand this very important market.


Social Media--Stop Wasting Time!

Real Businesses, Real Campaigns, Real Results

Patrick Schwerdtfeger, a leading authority on the social media revolution, will speak at the Bicycle Leadership Conference on  Thursday, April 10. Schwerdtfeger's session will provide you simple, but powerful social media strategies that will increase your sales virtually overnight. Schwerdtfeger is passionate about finding the juicy secrets and those unfair tricks that transform social media from a relentless time waster to a reliable business builder.


Leadership from The Top

The greatest challenge facing our generation of leaders resides in transforming the behaviors of our team. Chris Warner uses his climbs of K2 and Everest as a case study, teaching the importance of behaviors to drive results. Do you want to build an enduring, great business? Come learn the strategies that Chris teaches at Wharton, Fortune 500 companies and U.S. covert ops teams. You will leave this session understanding how poor performers affect your bottom line, the behavioral dangers that teams often face, the psychological needs that members expect from the team and how you can simply evaluate everyone on your team for better results. This is a dramatic, multimedia presentation (using Emmy-nominated footage) that builds better leaders.


The BPSA Welcomes You!

The Bicycle Product Supplier Association (BPSA) is an association of suppliers of bicycles, parts, accessories and services. Celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary, BPSA provides you valuable tools and resources to succeed in this market. 

The BPSA is your source for:

  • Industry Information
  • Industry Education
  • Representation
  • Industry Cooperation

The BPSA leads industry initiatives in governmental affairs and safety issues, is the leading resource for bicycle statistical data and develops the Bicycle Leadership Conference, the industry’s premier executive conference. 

Below is a sampling of resources available as part of your BPSA Membership

  • Monthly statistical reports tracking shipments (for the month and year to date), inventory levels and market share for leading categories of bicycles and parts and accessories.
  • Comprehensive annual statistical overview, showing all activity for the year and year-to-year comparisons (available for a fee to non-members).
  • Annual Tariff Advisory, a published listing of the Classification of Various Bicycle Parts and Accessories in the U.S. Tariff Schedules.
  • Regular Legal Advisories, providing immediate information international trade issues, tariffs, and legislative and regulatory action.
  • E-mail newsletters, including news about the association, the industry and fellow members.
  • Generic Owner's Manual Programs - designed to be used as a core for any company manual. owner's manuals for adult and juvenile bikes are available at special rates to members.

For more information on BPSA, including details on how to become a BPSA member, please contact BPSA Executive Director, Ray Keener (